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Cookie Policy

General remarks. A cookie is placed on the terminal of users when they visit the website, subject to the choices and options resulting from the settings of their browsing software.

What are cookies? Cookies are data used by a server to send status information to the browser of a user, and by the browser to send status information back to the original server.

Status information can for example include a session ID, a language, an expiry date, a reply domain, etc.

Cookies allow status information to be kept, during the validity period of the relevant cookie, when a browser accesses various website pages or when it goes back later on this website.

Only the issuer of a cookie may read or modify the information contained in such cookie.

What are the different types of cookies? There are various types of cookies:

  • session cookies, which disappear once the user leaves the website;
  • persistent cookies, which remain in the terminal until the end of their lifespan or until they are deleted via the browser settings.

Why does Glaze use cookies? Cookies may be categorized as:

  • “necessary cookies”: these cookies are essential to enable users to move around the website and use its features;
  • “functionality cookies”: they are used to offer users the best possible browsing experience;
  • “performance cookies”: they are used to help us understand user behavior and thus enable us to improve browsing on the website;
  • “interaction cookies”: they are used for users to express their opinion in relation to Glaze products, including on social media;
  • “targeting cookies”: they are used to remember users’ product and buying preferences.

The main purposes of the cookies used on this website are to:

  • remember information entered by or requested from users in the forms contained on our website;
  • count visitors and identify how they use the website;
  • recognize and differentiate between visits;
  • provide access to reserved areas (personal user area...) with identifiers or data previously provided by the user;
  • identify from which website or search engine and with which search query the user arrived on the website;
  • perform statistical and traffic and usage analyses for website improvement;
  • adjust the display according to user preferences;
  • manage security;
  • improve the relevance of online advertising and targeting by adjusting adverts to user browsing habits.

What cookies do we use? Cookies used on the website are:

  • cookies from Glaze;
  • cookies from some third-parties chosen by Glaze to achieve specific objectives;

Our Cookies

What cookies do we use? Cookies on the website, placed by Glaze are detailed in the table below.

Type Name Purpose Storage Period
Functionality GZLocale Used to display the Glaze website in relevant language. Infinite


Used to determine if an anonymized visitor has already visited our website. Infinite
Necessary _glz_c_allow Used to store cookie consent preferences Infinite

Third-Party Cookies

What cookies do they use? Some third-parties that may place cookies on our website to achieve specific objectives and they are detailed in the table below.  

Since the number and names of cookies, pixels and other technologies from these providers may change, please refer directly to their policies. 

  • Google Analytics: A statistical tool for audience measurement, tracks visitors and helps us identify how they use our website. The data generated by these cookies concern your use of the site, such as the pages you have visited and your IP address to determine the location of your connection. This data is immediately anonymized and is not communicated to Google. 
  • Hubspot: User action tracking, interaction with CRM
  • LinkedIn: Analytics service that allows Glaze to improve the relevance of the advertisements broadcasted on LinkedIn. This information is stored by the service provider and Glaze does not have the ability to identify you through these cookies. 
  • AdRoll: Retargeting solution that allows us to retarget prospects that previously visited our website

How can you manage cookies? You have several options to manage cookies. Most browsers are set by default and accept cookies, but you can choose to systematically accept or reject all cookies or only cookies from certain issuers. You may also configure your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case by case basis prior to their installation. You may also regularly delete cookies from your device terminal via your browser. Remember to set all the browsers of your different terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers).

Each browser has its own way of managing cookies and cookies settings. The configuration of each browser is described in its help menu, which will inform you of how to change their cookie settings. For example:

However, please note that setting your browser to disable cookies may restrict you from accessing certain features, pages, or areas of the site, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Please further note that if you decide to reject cookies, a refusal cookie will be installed on your device. If you delete this refusal cookie, it will no longer be possible to know that you wanted no cookie to be installed. Likewise, when you decide to accept cookies, a consent cookie is installed on your device. This is why consent cookies and refusal cookies should not be deleted from your device.

Consent during the first visit to the website. During their first visit to the www.glazemaker.co website, users are asked whether to accept or reject cookies, as user consent is required before installing cookies on their equipment.

If a user rejects cookies, a refusal cookie will be inserted into their device so that GLAZE records the fact that they want no cookie to be installed. However, user should note that if the refusal cookie is deleted, Glaze cookies will again be installed on their device.

If users accept cookies, cookies used by Glaze will be installed on their device.

Users may at any time change their choice:

  • either by deleting the refusal cookie; or
  • by various means described in the “How to manage Cookies?” section.

Right of objection and access. Users have a right to access, withdraw and modify the personal data communicated via the cookies used by Glaze, and can exercise this right by sending an email to contact@glazemaker.co